About Us

Chef Gillian's Winning Recipe


Fried chicken was never meant to be on the menu until a fire disabled the oven.  All of that chicken reserved for the roasted whole bird--the most popular menu item--had to be fried.  Folks began asking for it, demanding it.  Guy Fieri had to see it.  And then came the challenge from Bobby Flay.  You'll agree that this chicken is impossible to resist.  Chef Gillian is a no-nonsense interpreter of classic American cuisine.  For over 20 years she has established her reputation as the queen of comfort food.

Special Events and Catering


BAGOCK is happy to provide fried chicken and all of the fixins for  your event.  

Seasonal and Local


We use the finest quality ingredients from local farms.  Our chicken is certified humanely raised and handled.  They're fed an all vegetable diet without antibiotics or hormones.  This chicken is brined, hand battered, pan-fried in a 100% scratch kitchen.  Our grits  are natural, whole-grain, stone-ground and mountain-grown. Nothing has been added to or taken away. The corn is heirloom dent corn, the traditional corn of the South. It is neither a modern hybrid nor genetically modified. It comes to us the day it is ground, directly from the mill in the mountains of Georgia.